Los Angeles, CA, December 19, 2016 — EcoSense, a fast-growing manufacturer of high-performance LED technologies, today announced the launch of RISE. RISE is a uniquely scalable and configurable exterior-rated product platform that delivers a full range of beam angles and lumen packages, from 300 lumens for landscape lighting to 11,200 lumens for large scale illumination.

RISE has an ultra-small design and is the only outdoor-rated directional lighting platform that includes fixtures typically used in spot, accent, landscape, signage and floodlighting. RISE is the only series in the market with a 5° laser spot beam angle. This powerful and super-tight beam angle is ideal for precise lighting applications and wastes minimal light. With this unique beam angle, RISE delivers the most intense Center Beam Candle Power (cd/lm) that is two times more powerful than the market average. The EcoSense team is working tirelessly to bring to market features desired by lighting designers.

Key Features

  • Smallest Floodlight – Uniquely small design delivers powerful light – over 53,000cd
  • 5° Laser Spot – Currently the only floodlight in the market with a powerfully tight 5° Beam Angle
  • Powerful CBCP – The most intense Center Beam Candle Power (cd/lm) across multiple lumen packages delivering twice the market average in CBCP
  • MACRO™ Lock – Patented lock allows easy adjustability of 360° pan and 180° tilt using only one twist, reducing complexity during install
  • Field-Interchangeable Lenses – Most extensive assortment of field-interchangeable beam angles including 11 unique Spot, Flood and Elliptical options
  • Consistent Color – Color match to TROV so you get the same CCT across platforms.
  • Scalable – A patented bracketry system allows users to beautifully double or quadruple the lighting power from one single installation point
  • Configurable – The only configurable product that allows designers to choose various lumen packages, CCTs and beam angles in one fixture for a truly one-of-a-kind experience

“Our main goal in developing RISE was to introduce the smallest, most powerful outdoor directional lighting system that removes many of the limitations of traditional floodlight brands.” said Mark Reynoso, CEO of EcoSense Lighting. “Further, RISE integrates seamlessly with TROV, expanding opportunities for specifiers to create beautiful lighting applications”

RISE F080 Single and RISE F170 Single units are available to order now and will start shipping in January 2017. For more information on EcoSense, please visit