Serving Northern California Architects, Engineers, Electrical Contractors, and Wholesalers.

Founded in 1974 by Jack Cook, David Jackson and Bud Sealy, CJS Lighting has been the Sacramento area’s local connection for professional lighting products for over 48 years. From the start, CJS Lighting has been a proud agent for Acuity/Lithonia Lighting and together we have become the standard for the Northern California lighting market. Today, CJS Lighting has a team of over 30 professionals who are dedicated to helping customers find the right lighting solutions at the right price.

Our company prides itself on building strong, lasting relationships with our partners, customers, and employees. In fact, more than half of our employees have been with CJS Lighting for 10 years or more. This consistency and long-term knowledge of the industry is part of what makes our company special. So, whether you are a distributor calling Christina to check on a production schedule, an architect talking with Jennifer about the latest in spec-grade lighting or a contractor requesting a quote from Dorianna on an upcoming project… you can be certain you are working with the best local team in the business!

At CJS, we understand that the lighting industry is rapidly changing.  We will continue to help our customers navigate emerging technologies and provide exciting new products that fit every budget. Industry advancements have offered energy efficiency, cost savings and nearly endless options for managing your lighting & controls systems. We’ve been here from incandescent to LED and beyond. The future certainly is bright!

Outside Sales:

Robert O’Flaherty
Principal, Specification Sales
direct: (916) 787-6616
cell: (916) 759-0094

Patrick O’Flaherty
Principal, Sales
direct: (916) 787-6609
cell: (916) 759 6147

Gary Campora
Contractor Sales
direct: (916) 787-6602
cell: (916) 759-0093

Pat Morgan
Contractor-Distributor Sales
cell: (530) 604-1828

Yasmin Jordan
Distributor Sales
direct: (916) 787-6605
cell: (916) 215-4603

Jennifer Valadez
Specification Sales
direct: (916) 787-6608
cell: (916) 580-5040

Jamie Warn
Specification Sales
direct: (916) 787-6633
cell: (916) 759-3188

Kelly J. Lyons
Outside Sales
direct: (916) 787-6632
cell: (916) 759 9091

DJ Lockwood
Contractor Sales
direct: (916) 787-6617
cell: (916) 759-0301

Angelo Mitchell
Contractor Sales
direct: (916) 787-6621
cell: (916) 759-00941

Jordan Yu
Outside Sales
direct: (916) 787-6624


Katie Solus
Controls Applications Manager
direct line: (916) 787-6656

Tim Welch
Specification Controls
direct line: (916) 787-6630
cell: (916) 600-4538

Jordan Modica
Controls Application Specialist
direct line: (916) 787-6634

Kyle Hamasaki
Controls Application Specialist
direct line: (916) 787-6658

Evan Gannon
Controls Application Specialist
direct line: (916) 787-6657


Aaron Nogueda
Field Services Lead
direct line: (916) 787-6613

Julio Nogueda
Controls Field Services
direct line: (916) 787-6623

Paul McBrien
Field Service Manager
cell: (916) 759-9467

James Alliston
Controls Field Services
direct: (916) 787-6637


Francisco Tamayo
Technical Sales Support
direct line: (916) 787-6631

David Whitlock
Technical Sales Support
direct line: (916) 787-6636


Dorianna Carew
direct: (916) 787-6615

Samantha ‘Sam’ Carranza
direct: (916) 787-6653

Jan Cook
direct: (916) 787-6604

Inside Customer Support:

Joy Bergman
Operations Manager
direct: (916) 787-6610

Kim Hyland
Project Manager
direct: (916) 787-6611

Christina Szeremi
Project Manager
direct: (916) 787-6603

Tiffany Vasquez
Project Manager
direct: (916) 787-6635

Morgan Gomez
Project Manager
direct: (916) 787-6619

Office Administration:

Karen Schmidt
Finance, Sales & Mktg Administration
direct: (916) 787-6612

Margie O’Flaherty
Human Resources
direct: (916) 787-6620

Our Territories

Please note that CJS Lighting works only with Industry Sales. We do not sell direct to the public nor do we carry inventory as we work with our distributors to deliver lighting to Architects, Engineers, Electrical Contractors, and Wholesalers.